Monday, October 3, 2011

Pieceworks Inc., providing contracting manufacturing services customized to solve your production challenges!
Brand your product: Made in the USA

Pieceworks, Inc., located in midcoast Maine, is a contract manufacturing company that has successfully maintained a unique niche in the manufacturing sector for sixteen years. We offer a wide variety of services to companies of all sizes looking for creative and custom solutions to streamline their manufacturing and/or production challenges.

We enjoy working directly with many different kinds of companies, providing diverse choices and flexibility to assist our clients and meet their specific needs. Our skilled workforce is trained to use product materials that include (but are not limited to) metal, plastic, wood, and textiles. We also have an extensive wood shop to accommodate production and custom wood products. Contracts are not restricted by volume, time constraints, or distance.

Our excellent track record in maintaining high standards and quality control continues to be the vital link to our success!

If you are interested in exploring new possibilities and subcontracting your manufacturing, product assembly, packaging, and/or shipping needs to our facility, email us at or contact us at (207)589-3451.